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Our Covenant of Divine Healing:


Have you ever wondered:
• How come some people get healed while others don't?
• Why hasn't the Lord Healed me?
• Is it God's will to heal everyone today or just particular people?
• Why doesn't God heal  everyone?
• Does the New Testament teach healing for all or just some people?
• I asked the Lord to heal me - Why hasn't He?
• How come people prayed for my healing but nothing happened?
• My pastor laid hands on me and anointed me: How come God didn't heal me?
These teachings explores every one of these questions and reveals the Biblical answers that prove that it is God's will for you to be healed - and this series uses scripture to teach you how to obtain the promises of God for the supernatural healing that Jesus paid for when He went to the cross.



  Our Covenant of Divine Healing:

We have a covenant with God - It's called the NEW TESTAMENT: What most people do not understand is that a covenant is a BINDING CONTRACT between two or more parties. In our covenant of healing; God has PROMISED that He HEALS ALL of our sicknesses. That promise is part of the BENEFITS that are included in the covenant that we have with Him. This 13 CD series explains in detail why some people don't receive their healing - as well as how to walk in the faith necessary to receive yours.  Free for a limited time with your Donation of $75.00  [A $160.00 value]


The Scriptures state plainly that God will supply all our needs. Yet the church has been deceived into believing that this only applies to material things such as finances, food, clothing, etc. However the scriptures promise over and over again that when we are afflicted and need healing or deliverance; Our heavenly Father has provided the means whereby both can be obtained. Learn how you can walk in the divine health and healing of God.  Free with your Donation of $12.00

Disc 2 & 3: IS HEALING FOR ALL? 2 CDs:

One of the most misunderstood subjects of the Bible is whether or not healing is available today to everyone. More often than not assumptions are made due to the fact that some people fail to receive healing. But we are not instructed to go by the experiences of others - especially their failures. This 2 CD set uses the scriptures to see if God has promised healing to all -  or just those for whom it is 'His will' to heal.
Free with your Donation of $20.00

Disc 4 & 5: GOD'S Will TO HEAL: 2 CDs
The Scriptures state plainly that God’s plan for provision applies to every one of His children. Unfortunately, for most of God’s people they either have little knowledge of these promises, or they lack the understanding of how to access them. The result is that most of the Body of Christ is in debt, they suffer lack, and the people of God fail to walk in the supernatural provision of God that Christ purchased for us at the cross. Free with your Donation of $20.00

Most people have no idea that the Lord has actually provided us with a supernatural supply of medicine that comes straight from the throne of God and is designed to counteract any sickness or affliction that tries to come upon us. This supernatural medicine when applied as instructed will heal any wounds restore health to our bodies. Sadly most of God's people have no idea where to obtain this medicine or how to apply it. Discover the Biblical secret of how to walk in the divine health and healing that God promises us in His Word. Free with your Donation of $12.00

Everyone knows at least ONE person where prayers were offered for their healing, or perhaps they went up to a healing line and had some minister ‘lay hands’ on them - maybe they were even anointed with oil as the scriptures instruct - But healing never came. And most people have no understanding as to why it appears that the Lord didn't heal them. This 2 CD set will explain why some people never receive their healing - and how to overcome those things that actually hinder the manifestation of healing in your body. Free with your Donation of $20.00

Discs 9,10,11 &12: IDENTIFYING UNBELIEF: 4CDs
A wise man once said: "The best way to prevent yourself from learning the truth is to believe that you already know it." So many people believe that they understand the difference between "faith" and "unbelief". Most fail to realize that believing that God 'can' is not the same as believing that God 'has' or that God 'will'. The Bible tells us clearly that 'faith' must be released in order to access any of the promises of God, starting with salvation and including healing. This powerful 4 part teaching deals with how so many people fail to receive healing because they think they are standing in faith when if fact they are wavering in doubt and unbelief.   Free with your Donation of $25.00

To 'hinder" means to delay, to block, to cause to fail. Many of God's people fail to realize that they have set up roadblocks that hinder their prayers and block manifestation of the healing that they so desperately need. Discover how to prevent anything from hindering God's promise of healing in your life - and learn how to walk in the continual blessings of God's precious promise of healing and deliverance that belongs to us in Christ. Free with your Donation of $12.00






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