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Delivered From the Powers of Darkness


One of the most misunderstood subjects of New Testament Scripture is the subject of deliverance. Many Christians are seeking God for deliverance that the scriptures tell us clearly has already been accomplished. Satan is defeated and no longer has power over us.


  Delivered from the Powers of Darkness: Walking in the Supernatural Deliverance of Christ

Two many Christians are deceived into believing that the devil, Satan, still holds power over them and therefore we need to do battle with him in order to find deliverance from him. Nothing could be farther
from New Testament truth. The devil is a defeated foe from whose power the scriptures state clearly that we have been delivered from.

This powerful 2 CD series uses Scripture to teach us:

We have already been delivered from all the Powers of darkness
Where and when our deliverance was accomplished
How to rule over the powers of darkness with the Authority of God
How to walk in our deliverance and see the full manifestation of it
How to overcome sickness, lack and every other device of the devil

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