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We should never be surprised when we experience opposition as we endeavor to walk by faith. Jesus said that "In this world we will have troubles" (John 16:33). Add to this the fact that we have an enemy, an adversary who opposes all the good plans that the Lord has for us. Learn how to prepare to meet and deal with any opposition that comes your way -and how to overcome it every time!

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This 2 Part Series
is now available for free with your donation of only $18.00. This powerful teaching will help you to understand how to prepare for the opposition that the Word of God states will come and deal with it successfully. Get the full 2 part series and discover the exciting truths of the Scriptures regarding this important subject.
Free with your Donation of $18.00

The FIRST KEY to overcoming the attacks of an enemy is to EXPECT your enemy to oppose you. It is thru our knowledge of impending attacks that we make the necessary preparations to resist them when they come. Get your copy of this inspirational message on CD and discover the Biblical keys to dealing with opposition when it comes.
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Part 2 of the series
teaches you what we have in Christ that the enemy seeks to steal from us. A thief cannot steal what we do not have therefore we must have some things in order for the thief to rob us of them. Learn what the exciting truths that so many Christians have not yet learned about what the thief comes to steal - and how to prevent him from taking it. Free Donation of $12.00




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