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Glory • Power • Dominion: Discover Your Place of Authority in Christ


There has been a power-failure in the church! Most Christians are unaware of the incredible amount of Power and Authority given by Christ to the Church as a Body - and as individuals. Consequently the average Christian remains at the mercy of sickness, lack, desperation and every other tool used by the enemy (the devil) to keep the Body of Christ from walking in the power and blessing given them by the Lord. This powerful series exposes the truth that every Christian should know.

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The entire series of 4 CD's is now available for free with your donation
of only $25.00. This powerful teaching will help you to understand the Authority and Power that belongs to you as a member of the Body of Christ. You will also how to use that authority and power effectively against anything that comes against you.
Free with your Donation of $25.00

The FIRST KEY to walking in the dominion and authority that we have as believers is to understand why we have that authority - and where it comes from. Part 1 of this series teaches the scriptural truth about this subject and exposes many of the myths that are popular in traditional religious circles. Get your copy of this inspirational message on CD.
 Free with your Donation of $12.00

Part 2 of the series
teaches you what we have in Christ as anointed Kings and Priests unto God AND how to USE the authority given us to overcome the attacks of the enemy. Discover how to walk in the divine authority and power granted the Church by Christ when He ascended to heaven. Learn how you were made "More than a Conqueror through Christ" - and how to use that conquering ability against sickness, disease, lack and every tool of the devil. Free Donation of $12.00

Most Christians have no idea the power that is contained in the spoken word. Yet, the Bible teaches us clearly in many places that our WORDS have the power to bring either the blessing - or the curse into our life. Discover how you can use Biblical truth to speak health, healing, provision, increase, deliverance, safety and protection into any situation or circumstance. Free with your Donation of $12.00

This teaching brings to light the incredible Words of Jesus Christ when He taught the disciples the principal of how faith and Words can literally bring to pass even what seems to be impossible. This message is so important to every Christian and now you can discover too how to take the Scriptural truth of what Jesus taught and use it to unleash power and authority into your body for healing, your finances for provision, and any situation for deliverance! Free with your Donation of $12.00




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