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Prayer That Gets Results: Learn How to Get Your Answer Every Time!


Many Christians have already come to discover personally - there is such a thing as INEFFECTIVE prayer! They have already discovered that more often than not - it seems like the Lord never even heard their prayers because their praying never produced the results that they wanted.

Very few things are more discouraging than unanswered prayer! It can cause one to give up, lose hope, and toss in the towel when it comes to following God. After all, what good is praying if it doesn't work? This powerful series uses the Scriptures to teach HOW to pray in accordance with Biblical principles and HOW to see the RESULTS that Jesus promised: ANSWERS!

  Prayer That Gets Results! Discover What Jesus Said About How to Get an Answer Every Time!

In order to get the results that Jesus promised in John 16:23 our prayer life must be built upon a solid Biblical Foundation: Scripture! Sadly, most of what people believe about HOW to pray is not in accordance with Biblical teaching. Part 1 of this powerful series lays the foundation for the kind of Prayer that Gets Results: Every Time!
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The FIRST KEY to effective prayer is understanding that there are many DIFFERENT Kinds of prayer - and each type has a Biblically defined set of spiritual LAWS that govern their operation. Violating the spiritual laws that govern any type of prayer will render that prayer ineffective - and produce little results (if any!). Discover what the Bible says about the different kinds of prayer Free with your Donation of $12.00

One of the most misunderstood types of prayer is what the Bible calls "The Prayer of Faith" [James 1:5-7]. To understand exactly HOW the Spiritual laws work that govern the "Prayer of Faith", one must first understand WHAT the Prayer of Faith is. Sadly most do NOT, and this is why the prayers of so many people go answered.
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of only $29.00. This powerful teaching will transform your prayer life from one of hit-or-miss into the powerful force that God intended it to be. Learn how to pray in accordance with Biblical principles so that you get results every time you pray - no matter how impossible the situation or circumstance appears. Free with your Donation of $29.00




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