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The Supernatural Christian!


Christians are a supernatural people that have been supernaturally empowered by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We born again into a supernatural life by a supernatural God - We are sustained by supernatural food - We are taught by a supernatural teacher from a supernatural book - We are led by a supernatural guide into supernatural paths in order to obtain supernatural victories.

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This 2 Part Series
is now available for free with your donation of only $20.00. Discover the power that lives inside of you because of the anointing. God LIVES in you and He desires to move In you and THRU you in ways that most Christians can only imagine.
Free with your Donation of $20.00

Part 1: The Supernatural Christian: The power and glory of Almighty God now resides in EVERY Born-Again child of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit – and He is waiting for us to RISE UP and to begin to SHINE with His glory. Discover your true nature as a child of God the the supernatural abilities that you have in Christ.
 Free with your Donation of $12.00

Part 2: Anointed With Power:
The Bible assures us the God’s people have been given the SAME power that Jesus had (and still has) by the anointing of the Holy Ghost – and it is by HIS power working IN us and THRU us that the fulfillment of God’s plan on earth WILL be accomplished. Free Donation of $12.00




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