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Loosing the Power of God into your Life


This insightful series answers one of the most common questions asked by people today: "Why do bad things happen to God's People? Find out what God says about this subject and learn how you  can walk in victory.


  Why Do Christians Suffer? Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why Do Christians Suffer? One of the most common questions people ask is why does God allow Christians to suffer? Why Do Christians suffer? Why do bad things happen to Good People? Using the scriptures we discover how we can avoid so much of the pain and suffering that so many others endure. Discover not only why these things happen, but what to do when you encounter such things and how to overcome them.

This powerful 7 part series uses Scripture to teach us:

• Pt 1: What We Don't Know Can Hurt us!
• Pt 2: Why Some Suffer
• Pt 3: What it Means to Esteem The Word
• Pt 4: What it Means to Discern The Body
• Pt 5: How to Choose the Blessing
• Pt 6: The Trying of Your Faith: Pt1
• Pt 7: The Trying of Your Faith: Pt2

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The Word of God has told us clearly that what we do NOT know can, and will eventually harm us - perhaps even destroy us. Despite all of our pleas for help and cries of desperation, God promises are manifested consistently only thru the faith of individual who know and understand what the Lord has told us. Discover how the lack of knowledge hinders the blessing of God in our lives: Free with your Donation of $12.00

There are many reasons listed in the Word of God that clearly teach why some Christians seem to walk in the favor of God, while others continue on year-after-year suffering needlessly. This teaching will expose may of the myths surrounding why some Christians suffer and teach you how to stop the cycle of sickness and lack in your life.
Free with your Donation of $12.00

Very few Christians understand the importance that the Word of God should have in their life ~ and their lifestyle. Even less understand what it means to 'esteem the Word' or even how to do so. This powerful teaching. when applied properly will have a dramatic effect on your life and help bring you to the place of blessing that God has ordained for you as His beloved child. Free with your Donation of $12.00

Did you know that the New Testament that actually gives a definite reason why many Christians suffer sickness, lack, oppression, affliction and even die prematurely. This study is so important that every Christian, pastor or minister should have a copy and be ready to teach his/her flock. Learn what the Bible has said regarding this subject and why so many suffer needlessly. Free with your Donation of $12.00

Many Christians,  while praying for deliverance and blessing without their knowledge the reason why the curse is so freely having its way in their lives. This teaching exposes how so many unconsciously choose the curse over the blessing and in doing so nullify the power of God to bless them, heal them, deliver them and provide for them as He so much desires to do. Free with your Donation of $12.00

Their IS a reason why the Lord allows us to be tested, tried, and afflicted. Unfortunately the reason that the Bible gives is far different from what most Christians believe. When we discover the truth about this subject we will see that not only is their cause to rejoice - but there is a God-ordained result including a way of escape from whatever is troubling us. Get Part 1 Today:   Free with your Donation of $12.00

Part 2 of this powerful teaching continues to explore what the Bible says about why the Lord allows our faith to be tried. Discover the astonishing truth of this subject and the glorious results that the Lord promises to those who understand> Get Part 2 Today!   
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