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Bible Study: Why Do Christians Suffer? Esteeming the Word


Why so many Christians suffer and fail to live the blessed, prosperous, healthy life of victory that is promised in the Word of God. Learn what it means to esteem the Word of God in this summary of the Audio CD "Esteeming the Word"

• Why Do Christians suffer?
• Why Does God Allow Suffering? 
• Why Do Bad Things Happen to Christians?  
• Why Do Christians Experience Suffering?
• Why Doesn't God Stop Disasters? 
• Why Do Christians Die Early
• Why is There Christian Suffering? 
• Why Hasn't God Healed Me?
• How Come I'm Not Prospering?
• Why Doesn't God Answer Me or My Prayers?


These are the questions that so many people are asking? And the answer to all of these is found in Scripture. Find out why so many Christians fail to live the blessed life promised them in the Bible.

The following is a brief summary of the complete teaching Esteeming the Word
taken from from the Series: "Why Christians Suffer".
Listen to the complete message on CD and discover the secrets of Why Christians Suffer. Learn how to stop the cycle of lack, sickness and suffering in your life! Discover how to begin to access the blessings of God on a consistent basis. 
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Scripture Study:
"As a follower of the Lord, I order you to stop living like the godless people live: in the vanity of their mind. They are SELF-BANISHED and SEPARATED from the life of God with no share in it; this is because of their ignorance and willful blindness due to their hardness of heart"  [Ephesians 4:17 - CEV & AMP]

An Important Question:
By now just about everyone has seen at least one of the TV commercials promoting a certain Credit Card. 

This commercial starts with an innocent young couple on the verge of using their credit card to make a purchase. Suddenly a fierce hoard of barbarians descends upon them with the obvious intention of doing what barbarians do: harm them. 

Fortunately the young couple is able to thwart the barbarian hoard's evil intentions by using the trusty credit card issued by this certain company.  The barbarians retreat - but during their retreat one of the barbarians asks the viewer: "What's in your wallet?" 

The point of the commercial is this: 
Don't be duped into making the wrong choice - it can destroy you. 

Unfortunately many Christians make the WRONG choice day-after-day, over and over again. They do the same thing - in the same way - time and time again - always HOPING for DIFFERENT results - but NEVER seeing them. 

An Ongoing Problem
I talk to Christians regularly who continue living their lives in the same way they did the year before - never making any progress - always 'believing' for the blessings of God - but never quite able to obtain them in their fullest

Yes, there are occasional spurts of miraculous intervention - and this is usually because its the only way God can get thru to them. I compare this to a person who VISITS the Promised Land - but never actually MOVES there. 

Naturally, these dear Christians have a million reasons as to WHY they experience the failures that they do. But despite the fact that they fail time and time again - and despite the fact that their prayer results are "hit-and-miss" at best - and despite the fact that they are no closer today than they were yesterday to actually getting RESULTS - they just keep on doing the same thing in the same way day after day. 

Do you know someone like that?
Do you know what the Scriptures say about this type of Christian? 

The Bible says that this type of Christian opposes themselves because they have been deceived - and have been taken captive by the devil at his will [2Tm:2:25-26]. 

Did you notice that the word does NOT say that it is the devil's fault? Nope! For this type of Christian - it is they who oppose themselves! 

Yes - believe it or not - the WORD states clearly that a Christian CAN be taken captive by the enemy - if they ALLOW it. 

How does this happen?
Again - the Word provides a clear answer: Because they either have NO knowledge - OR - because they continue to REJECT knowledge! "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge..." [Hosea 4:6]

Simply put - They are their own worst enemy! 

I know that in this age of  religious tolerance that this sounds harsh - but the truth is that NOTHING will change for this type of person - EVER! 

They can 'believe' God' all they want - but it will do no good. They can 'hope for the best' until the cows come home - but it will do no good.... Nothing will CHANGE - EVER - until THEY do.

The Answer:
Brothers and Sisters, if this reminds you of someone, or if you are one of those dear Christians who just don't seem to have any POWER, and your prayers just seem to hit the ceiling and bounce back - then consider this: There is an answer . 

The answer is found in Romans Chapter 12 verse 2: 
"...Be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." 

This scripture tell us that things CAN change - they CAN improve - but the responsibility lies directly with us. 

It is only when WE change the way we THINK - that everything else will change. When we RENEW our mind and bring our thoughts into line with the Word - then things will begin to change (be transformed). 

Why is this so? 
Because once we change the way we think - then we will also change the way we DEAL with things. 

You see, the world does NOT esteem the Word of God. Whether it be the 'written' word, or that which is spoken directly to individuals by the SPIRIT of God - they ignore it: and by ignoring it they experience the consequences - And if we treat the Word of God the same way the world does - we are also subject to the same consequences

But, when we stop approaching the WORD of God like the WORLD does - and submit ourselves to the WORD - and the leading of the SPIRIT - then we will have the RESULTS that the Word promises.

Do you want change? 
The ONLY answer lies in your obtaining KNOWLEDGE of the Word - and being careful not to IGNORE it - or REJECT it.

How important is this?
Proverbs 4:7 states: "Wisdom (Knowledge of the WORD) is the principal (MOST important) thing - therefore GET wisdom - and with all of your might get understanding!" 

Begin to make it a PRIORITY to listen to - and be LED by the WORD of God. Don't allow anything to be more important than getting the knowledge that you NEED. 

Once YOU begin to submit yourself to the Lord - [obeying both the written word, AND the leading of the Spirit], you will be astonished at how easily the promises manifest themselves.

A Final thought:
Doing some of the Word some of the time - results in some of the blessing some of the time. 
Doing ALL of the Word ALL of the Time - results in ALL of the blessings ALL of the time.

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