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Bible Study: Are You Faithful?


Faithfulness to the Lord brings blessings.

Scripture Study::
"The faithful man shall abound with blessings" [Prov:28:20] 

Here is special message on the blessing of faithfulness - and there are special blessings for those who hear and do the Word of God FAITHFULLY.

Did You Know? 
As a Christian, one thing that I have learned over many years of service to the Lord is this: It is the faithful person that gets blessed! [Prov:28:20]
   Not the unfaithful
   Not those that are inconsistent in their doings
   Not those that waver

Proverbs 20:6 asks this question: 
"....Who can find a faithful man?"

Isn't that something to ponder? The Word of God clearly says that if we are faithful, then we shall abound in blessings! And who is expected to be faithful? 
   Certainly not the wicked
   Certainly not the lost
   Certainly not those who don't know the Lord

No! It is His children that are expected to be faithful - In other words: Us!

Yet - The very fact that He asks the question: "Who can find a faithful man?" indicates that there may BE those of His children who are not.

What About You? 
Would you be considered by the Lord to be faithful? I didn't ask if you thought you were faithful, I asked if the LORD would consider you faithful? That really makes you think doesn't it? 

If the Lord were to return today: would He be able to say to you: "Well done good and faithful servant"? - or - Are there some things that maybe you just haven't quite been able to discipline (train) yourself to be faithful in?

Word Study:
Jesus said: "... he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much." [Luke 16:10]

The word translated 'unjust' in the KJV comes from the Greek word: "adikos'.
The literal meaning is: "by extension wicked; by implication, treacherous; heathen"

Notice that the word the Lord used to describe the unjust person literally means: Wicked or treacherous - and treacherous means: (you guessed it) - "unfaithful".

Even more significant is the fact that the word is also used in conjunction to describe the "heathen" - or unbelievers!

It's Not the Big Things:
Notice that Jesus didn't even mention the BIG things that WE place so much emphasis on. No! He only dealt with the least or VERY LITTLE things!

And it is those things that speak volumes about:
   Our Character
   Our Priorities
   Our Faithfulness

You see, no matter what we think about ourselves - the Lord sees us as we really are.

Ask Yourself A Question: 
Are you faithful in the very little things?
Are you on Time? Or are you consistently late? 
Are you Reliable? Can you be depended on to show up ALL the time - or just when it is convenient for you?
Are You Trustworthy? Can your pastor, employer, spouse, family, etc, count on you to do what is REQUIRED of you - all the time - or are you one of those with excuses? 

Many people call work and LIE, saying that they are sick when in fact they are NOT!
Many people are inconsistent in their church attendance, tithes and offerings, ministry functions etc.
Many people cannot be counted on to keep their word to their spouse, children, family, etc
Most people do not realize that these are the VERY LITTLE things that the LORD was talking about when He said: "... he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much."

You see, the reason why so many are unfaithful in these things is because THEY place no importance on them - and never stop to consider that although THEY don't consider them important, others DO!

And, what they don't realize is that it is the VERY LITTLE things that determine how we deal with the bigger things. It is the VERY LITTLE things that the LORD uses to determine our faithfulness - NOT the big things!

Imagine if the Lord was constantly late:
Or, imagine if He didn't actually do what He said He would do. What would you think of Him? Wouldn't you call Him unfaithful - undependable - unreliable - untrustworthy?

Be honest now - wouldn't you equate Him with someone who couldn't be counted on - after all, He can't even do something so simple as show up - or arrive on time - not to mention doing what He said He would do.

These two items don't seem to be of much importance to many Christians - yet it is a clear indication of both their priorities - and sadly - their character. And it is also one of the reasons why their blessings are so inconsistent! [After all: didn't the Lord say that we REAP what we SOW?]

You see, one thing they haven't realized yet is that their priorities are not in the proper place.

By being constantly late - they are saying that they consider their time to be of much greater importance than those whom they keep waiting. They seem to think that their interests are more important than the interests of others - yet the WORD of God says that we are to prefer one another BEFORE ourselves! [Rom:12:10]

Regarding Character: 
The Word has already said it: "You can't count on an unfaithful man for anything." [Prov:25:19]

That means that the Lord can't promote them as He would like to do. Sadly, they haven't realized this yet either.

Nobody wants to be corrected:
Yet the Word clearly states two things:
1] The Lord WILL make every attempt to help you by correcting you and showing you where you are missing it. 

Why? Because He knows that this is an area that is holding you back from being promoted into those things that He has planned for you.

"For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receiveth." [Heb:12:6]

2] Those in ministry positions are to: "speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority" [Ti:2:15]

Notice two things: 
Before WE even attempt to speak to others about this - WE are supposed to make certain that WE are faithful! [Mt:7:3-5]
Did you notice that we aren't supposed to get mad at us if someone points these things out to us because it is done in love - and for OUR benefit.

A Word of Exhortation:
Remember this because it is of utmost importance to you: 

When you are late for church, or Bible study, etc, - it isn't just the minister that you have kept waiting - no - it is actually the Spirit of God that you have dishonored - because it is the Lord that is doing the teaching - not the minister - we are just the vessels that He uses.

It may do us all good to remember this the next time we are believing for something from the God. If it seems to be awfully slow in arriving (if at all) - then remember this: we reap what we sow. You see it is only the "faithful man that shall abound with blessings" [Prov:28:20].
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