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Resources: Maps and Cities of the Bible


This section contains various maps and cities of the Bible. These maps will be a valuable resource in your study of ancient Israel, Palestine and the Land of Canaan as well as the various routes of Jesus' ministry and those taken by the Apostle on His missionary journeys.

All maps appear in a separate pop-up window. In order to view these you must be sure that your pop-up filter is disabled.

The Ancient World: 8 Maps
Bible Empires & Kingdoms: 11 Maps
Israel / Judah & the Sinai: [Ancient Cities / Twelve Tribes / Territories] 16 Maps
The Exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian Bondage: 3 Maps
The Old Testament Prophets: 1 Map
Jerusalem: 3 Maps
The Sea of Galilee: 1 map
The Ministry of Jesus: 3 Maps
Journeys of the Apostles: 2 Maps
Missionary Journeys of the Apostle Paul: 7 Maps
The Seven Churches of Asia: 1 Map
Land of Israel and the Bible in Modern Times: 2 Maps 





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