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Maps: The Apostles Travels and Missionary Routes:


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The Apostles Travels and Missionary Routes 1:
This map is a broad view of the area where some of the key events took place described in Acts 1-12 immediately following the resurrection of Christ. Included are notable sites such as: Antioch, Sidon, Tyre, Damascus, Caesarea, Capernaum, Joppa, Samaria, Philippi, and Tarsus. View the journeys of the Apostle Peter, Paul, Paul and Barnabas, Phillip, and Mark and Barnabas.

The Apostles Travels and Missionary Routes 2:
This map is a view of the travels of the Apostles and includes, Saul's (Paul) Journeys, Peter's Journey, Phillip's Journeys, Barnabas' Journey, Barnabas and Paul's Journey, Barnabas and Mark's Journey.

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