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Bible Study: Kingdom Living: Now


Part 1: Expectation without Revelation

Scripture Study:
"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit..... For in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you" 
[Gal:5:25 ][2Pt:1:11]  

"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ...  nothing shall be impossible unto you." [Mt:17:20]

"...all things are possible to him that believeth .... For with God nothing shall be impossible."  [Mt 9:23] [Lk:1:37]   

"...set your hope [expectation] wholly and unchangeably on the grace & divine favor that is coming to you when Jesus Christ is revealed.." [1Peter 1:13 Amplified Bible]

There is so much more that we have access to then most Christians can even imagine! The trouble is, that if we are ignorant of these things, than we will never be able to walk in them, or find out how to access them. Fortunately, we find some extremely important information located in 1 Peter 1:13   

The first clue that we find is in the phrase: "the grace & divine favor that is coming to you when Jesus Christ is revealed".

Exactly what is coming to us when Jesus Christ is "revealed"?

Grace & divine favor. [Grace is the same as divine favor)

Are you Expecting?
In verse 13: the word translated as "hope" - is the Greek Word 'elpizo' - which, when translated properly actually means: "expectation'. And - According to verse 13: When Jesus Christ is "revealed" to us" - there automatically follows "grace" and "divine favor" !

Well, seeing as how "we are saved by grace" (thru faith) [Eph 2:8] - we already know how important 'grace' is when we find ourselves in trouble.

And as far as 'divine favor' is concerned - - - I am sure that you agree that having 'divine favor' sure comes in handy, especially when we find ourselves in a place where we are believing God to fulfill the 'desires of our heart'?

So then, the message behind this portion of the verse is simply, once "Jesus Christ is revealed" - grace, or divine favor will automatically come to us. We don't have to work for it - buy it - beg for it - or anything else. Instead, we are to expect it as a result of the revelation of Jesus.

Ok, so grace and divine favor is coming to me when Jesus Christ is revealed. That's all nice and good - but what about right now - I need it today, not just when Jesus comes back? 

Well, let's examine that thought more carefully. I know that there are many who may be thinking thoughts similar to it (if not exactly).

Question #1:
Exactly who does the Bible say that Jesus Christ is?

He is our Savior, the only begotten son of God - but just as important is the fact that, according to the Bible - Jesus Christ is literally, the Word of God: made flesh. [John 1: 1-14]

In other words, Jesus is the living version of the Word of God (and the printed word too: the Bible).

There is no difference between Him and the Scriptures - they are both the same - and they are inseparable. He is literally the spoken, or printed Word of God - made flesh....AND He is also the perfect picture, or the revealed Living God - in print.

It is extremely important that every Christian get hold of this fact in order to understand fully exactly how much power there is in the Word of God - and how important it is for every Christian to develop a personal relationship with the Word thru daily reading and meditation - AND doing it! 

You see, no matter what you may have believed, or thought up to this point: the level of your knowledge of God, AND your relationship with Him, is directly related to your knowledge of the Word of God. 

No matter what you may believe regarding your relationship with Him - you cannot know, or understand God beyond your knowledge of the Word of God. 

Your entire relationship with the Lord is based on your knowledge of Him thru His Word - and your willingness to submit to it by doing it. 

Too many Christians try to walk in the promises of God, without actually knowing what those promises are! Instead, they have some second-hand information, and they try to base their hopes on something that they may have read once or twice, or maybe something that they heard someone say.

But the truth is: they have no real, or personal knowledge of the Word. Just a bunch of second hand 'head knowledge'.

Summary to question #1: :
The "Jesus Christ" that is being referred to in Verse 13 is: The Word Of God: 

Look at the following passage in 2 Peter Chapter 1: "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord".

Notice how "grace" (divine favor) and peace are multiplied to us. How? By our knowledge of Jesus (our Lord). In other words: It is our knowledge of the Word of God that provides access to the grace and peace that is available to us.

"By whom (Jesus - the Word of God] we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope (expectation) of the glory of God." [Rom:5:2]

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Question #2:
Ok - I accept the fact that Jesus and the Word of God - are one and the Same. But what about the part that says: "When Jesus is revealed "? What does that mean? 

"Besides - I already know what the Bible says - so, if what you said is true: how come it doesn't work for me the way it says it will?"

The word translated as 'revelation' is taken from form the Greek Word "apokalupsis": The literal translation means to 'disclose', announce, manifest, show forth, reveal".

It's called "revelation": And, it is the difference between just having 'head knowledge' of what the Word says - and having an actual understanding of the Word thereby allowing it to [live] inside of us. 

You see, the word, without the Spirit, is what the Bible calls a 'dead letter'. [Rom:7:6] - there is no life or power in it - and consequently one cannot expect to receive anything from it. That is why so many 'experts of Bible literature' never come to understand - or receive from the Word. They are 'always learning' (what it says) , but 'never coming to the knowledge of the truth.' [2Tm:3:7]

It is the same reason why so many Christians seem to get little or no result from it either. 

Head Knowledge vs. Revelation:
True, they can quote scripture on a variety of subjects - but the secret is not how much scripture you can quote to God - but rather how much He can quote to you! ........ And no matter how much scripture you may be able to quote, what good does it do you if it's not working in your life?

It is not until your 'head knowledge' becomes 'revelation' knowledge - that the Word will transform from a dead letter to the living Word - and only then will it have the power to do what it promises: "bring you grace and divine favor".

Hearing vs. Having Heard
Revelation comes not by having heard - but instead by 'continually hearing' [Romans 10:17]...... And, we can find the necessary information on how to take 'head knowledge' and make sure it becomes 'revelation knowledge' in the book of Joshua. God gave us specific instructions on how to do this: 

"This book of the law (my Word) shall not depart out of your mouth; but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it: and only then shall you make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success." [Joshua 1:8]

Dead Letter to Living Revelation:
The steps are simple - and there is no substitute! In case you didn't read that last bit: There is no substitute!

  • Information: Learn the Word (Get the Information first-hand. Remember it, memorize it)
  • Meditation: Meditate on it - Think on it - Speak it (How can you do this if you can't quote it?)
  • Revelation: Ask for God to reveal it to you, to open the eyes of your understanding
  • Participation: DO IT! ["Be a doer of the word, and not just a hearer only, deceiving yourself." [James 1:22]
  • Manifestation: The result will be the manifestation of the promises in your life

God has given us "all things that pertain to life, and to godly living" - and He has provided the means to us whereby we can become partakers (right now) of the divine nature (the same quality of life that God lives) - And - We can only access these things through the revelation knowledge of the Word of God. [2 Peter 1:2-4]

What's more: We can expect to receive grace, and divine favor in ever-increasing amounts as we increase in the revelation knowledge of Him.

Therefore,  I encourage each of you to purpose to attaining increased revelation in the knowledge of the One who has called us to glory and to moral excellence.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Spend more time in the Word of God [There is no substitute]
  • Spend more time in direct communication with Him (prayer) [There is no substitute]
  • Seek out and attend the services, bible studies, conferences, etc, where people possessing  more revelation than you, can teach you and help you to grow

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