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Welcome to Headlines in Prophecy!

The primary goal of this television program is to teach - and preach the Prophetic Word of God so that people will not only believe and receive the Word - but will also develop an awareness of who they are in Christ.

We seek to assist believers in becoming established in the truth of God's Prophetic Word so that the Power of His Word is demonstrated in their lives! 

Welcome to Headlines in Prophecy
Pastor Jackie L. Wilson and Reverend W. C. Slyde Moran

Our earnest desire it to help people to grow in their knowledge of the Living God and His son, Jesus Christ, and to develop a life that is filled with blessings of health and prosperity and to walk in the supernatural power available to every believer through faith in the Prophetic Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible Prophecy Revealed 
Discover how to walk in the supernatural prosperity, provision protection, and health promised by God in His Holy Word.

Learn more about what the Bible teaches will happen in these last days (end times) prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Discover the truth about Bible Prophecy and what it means to you. Watch as current events fulfill the prophecies of the Bible. Learn how to avoid the coming Great Tribulation and the War of Armageddon.