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Bible Study: Learning to Be Led By the Spirit


How to be led by the Spirit of God

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Scripture Study:
"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God."  [Rom: 8:14:]

• Does God Speak to Us Today? 
• What Does it Mean be Led by the Spirit of God?
• How Can I be Led by the Spirit of God?
• How Does the Spirit of God Lead Us?
• How Does God Speak to Us?  
• How Do I Know When It Is God Speaking? 

These are the questions that so many Christians are asking? And, the answer is found in the Word of God.   

Children Must Learn:
When we were children, we had to LEARN to recognize the voice of our parents. We also had to learn (thru trial and error) that it was to our benefit to FOLLOW their instructions.

It took time for us to learn these things. Sometimes we failed to FOLLOW the advice of our parents, and very often this ended up in our being hurt.

  • We burned ourselves on the stove, the hot iron, etc when we didn't pay attention to their warnings. 

  • We fell and skinned our knees when we didn't follow their advice to walk instead of run.

I am sure that you can think of a hundred other examples where we (or others we know) ended up getting hurt or suffering the consequences of NOT FOLLOWING the warnings, advice, or instructions of those who knew better.

Just as we had to learn to FOLLOW our NATURAL parents, as children of God, we must also learn to FOLLOW the voice of our Heavenly Father.   

Romans 8:14 speaks about just such a subject - it calls it 'Being led by the Spirit of God".

The problem is that just like many natural children, Christians fail to FOLLOW after the leading of the Spirit.

There are 2 main reasons why this is so:
The average Christian doesn't realize WHEN it is actually GOD who is speaking to them. Many shrug it off believing that it was just a thought of their own that has no real significance - "it was just me"

Consequently they don't realize that it is in reality - the Spirit of God that is attempting to LEAD them.

  1. The average Christian doesn't know HOW to be led by the Spirit. 
  2. They don't realize that in order to "be led" - They must FOLLOW.

Following The Spirit:
Imagine if you were in the desert in need of water and you come across a man who can LEAD you to water. 

The man says, "FOLLOW me". You now have a decision to make. You can both FOLLOW him and go to the place where you can get water - or - You can refuse to FOLLOW him - and die of thirst.

It is the same thing with being LED by the Spirit of God. In order for Him to LEAD you - YOU must FOLLOW.

And it is imperative that the Christian realize that God NEVER wastes words, or time. When He attempts to LEAD you - it is for your benefit....And whether or not you FOLLOW will have a direct affect on YOUR LIFE - and the lives of those around you.

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" [Jn: 10:27]

Recognizing His Voice:
The first thing one must do is recognize WHEN it is the SPIRIT of God that is speaking to you. How does one learn to recognize WHEN it is the LORD speaking?

By Practice!
Hebrews speaks of this in Chapter 5:13. We are taught that we learn to discern between what is God (good) and what is not God (evil) by practice - or by exercising (training) our senses (our natural minds) so that we can judge when it is God speaking - and when it isn't.

You will make mistakes.
That is why we practice! You made mistakes as a natural child - and you will make mistakes as you learn the things of the Spirit - but you MUST practice it.

You must endeavor to recognize WHEN the Spirit is attempting to LEAD you - and then you must FOLLOW His leading. It won't take long before you begin to recognize when the Spirit is leading you - and when it is not. It becomes even easier when you ASK GOD to HELP YOU - TEACH YOU - TRAIN YOU. 

He Will!

The best place to start is in your daily Bible Reading. 

After all, Jesus said: "...when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth..." - - - And we know that the Word of God is spirit - and TRUTH.

Jesus promised that one thing the Spirit of God will do; is to help us, and guide us in our study of the WORD. So what better place to start practicing being led by the Spirit than during our personal study time?

Have You Noticed?
Did you ever notice when you are reading the Word that very often another verse will come to mind? Or maybe, you will see a word, or a phrase that jumps out at you? Perhaps, you have a sense that maybe you should go back and re-read a passage that you read previously?

What do you think that is? 
I can tell you that it is NOT just your own mind - but rather it is the Spirit of GOD attempting to guide you (LEAD YOU) into a certain area in order to bring you greater revelation about the subject - revelation that is either vital to a present circumstance - or one that is looming in your future.

But most Christians don't realize this - so they don't FOLLOW.... and the results end up unfavorably. A problem could have been avoided, or easily dealt with, but because of the child's failure to FOLLOW the leading of the SPIRIT - they now have to deal with it!

Starting today - practice being lead by the Spirit.

Start in your daily reading of the Word. Begin to FOLLOW the leading of the Spirit. If He brings a scripture to mind during your reading - Look it up - follow it - so what if you read a little longer - learn a little more. The result will be greater revelation and growth.

If He causes a WORD or a PHRASE to "jump out". Re-read it (several times if necessary!)
Meditate on it - study it out. Seek God and FIND OUT what it is He is trying to teach you!
Begin to approach the Word as GOD SPEAKING. Stop reading - and start listening. Don't be in such a hurry to 'finish a chapter".

Concentrate rather on being LED by the Spirit. Find out what HE wants you to learn today. It is better to read 5 verses and receive revelation and instruction - then to read 5 chapters and get nothing.

A Simple Approach
My approach is simple - If I didn't receive something (no matter how small) from my daily reading - then I wasn't LISTENING!

So I just go back and re-read it. Several times if I have to! But I am NOT going to walk away from the Word of GOD and NOT get anything!

No sir! If it's His Word - then He MUST have something to SAY to ME - TODAY! And I am going to FIND OUT WHAT IT IS! 

I am going to purpose to be led by His Spirit and find out what He is trying to get thru to me. How about You? 

Begin to Practice: 
As you begin to practice being led in your personal study time - you will also find that you hear His voice more clearly during other times - and when you do hear His voice - follow Him. The results will be more than you can imagine!

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