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Bible Study: What's Your Habit?


How the devil uses habits to deceive, distract and divert people from God's plan. 

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• Can the Devil Really Keep Me From God's Will For My Life?
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• Why Doesn't God Answer Me?
• Why Doesn't God Heal Me

These are the questions that so many Christians are asking? And, the answer is found in the Word of God.

Scripture Study:
"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the HABIT of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the MORE, as you see the day approaching." [Heb:10:25]

People have habits - and unless those habits are godly ones - you can be sure that the enemy knows it - and will use those habits to pull you away from God and His blessings.

One of the most dangerous habits that Christians have is the forsaking of the assembling together. And the enemy can pull out any number of reasons to convince them to do this - and because he knows our habits, he also knows what works best.

• For some people it's work.
• For others it's recreation
• For some it's family
• For some it's seasonal
• For Some it's testing and trials

But no matter what the reason - it's NEVER God - and it's NEVER scriptural.

With some individuals - a common reason of forsaking the assembling together is testing & trials. Instead of coming together MORE as the word instructs - some people come together LESS when tests, trials and afflictions come against them. 

The enemy knows that 'a house divided cannot stand'. [Mk:3:25]

He knows that once he has 'divided' or separated someone from the body - separated them from fellowship - separated them from their pastor or the teachers that the Lord has placed in the body to help them - that they cannot stand. Their fall is inevitable - it's just a matter of time.

So if he can separate you from fellowship and get you alone - then you are more easily deceived - and that can weaken your faith resulting in defeat for you.

Another deception that the enemy uses that seems to be gaining popularity is associated with the idea that: "God wants some alone time with Him". And, that's absolutely true!

Now the deception is not in the fact that the Lord wants us to spend some time alone with him - He Does! But, the deception lies in the way that we are deceived into believing that we are to accomplish this.

People are deceived when the idea of getting alone with God conveys the thought that: "Sometimes God wants us all to Himself - and He will even remove us from fellowship, or a bible study, and even church to gain quiet time alone with Him."

One has to admit that this type of thinking certainly sounds spiritual! But is it scriptural?

Let's examine what the Scriptures say about this idea:
• A house divided against itself cannot stand: [Mk:3:25]
• Where two or three are gathered in his name - He is there! [Mt:18:20]
• He Gave Pastors, teachers, etc, specifically for edifying & building us up. [Eph:4:11-12]
• Where Brethren gather together in unity - there is a corporate anointing [PS 133:1-2]
• Do NOT forsake the assembling together - but come together ALL the more! [Heb:10:25]

Do the above references sound like God wants us to spend less time coming together to fellowship, study, or worship? Or do these scriptures make it clear that we are to come together more and more for our own good - especially during times of testing?

One should definitely get alone with God to fast and pray. But we also need to be very careful that it is always SPIRIT led - and never something that we decide to do on our own so as to 'get more spiritual' or as an excuse to separate ourselves from the 'pressure' of being a Christian.

And - how much time are you to spend in prayer and fasting? 
• 1 Day?
• 2 Days?
• A week?
• 2 Weeks?

Jesus himself - during the most extreme testing He ever faced - only fasted and prayed for 40 days. And it was only by the leading of the Spirit that He did it - AND - He returned to fellowship once it was completed. [Read Matthew chapter four]

So then, alone time with God during a fast is completely acceptable - but always be sure that it never becomes a tool for the enemy to use so as to separate you from the body or the Ministry Gifts God has given you to help you grow.

Very often, especially when one is undergoing the testing that every Christian is subject to, people can reach a point where they are unwilling to receive the exhortation, admonishment, and instruction that they need desperately so as to extricate themselves from whatever difficulty they are in.

So what do they do? They give in to the 'pressure' - and remove themselves from fellowship, or from bible study, or from church, etc - all the time believing that it is God who is instructing them to do this - even though it is directly contrary to the Word of God.

And, if you believe that you are 'following God' by removing yourself from Church, Fellowship, a Bible Study, or any other gathering together of the saints that is God ordained - and it has been more than a week or two at most - then you have been deceived and you need to get back into fellowship immediately.

Faith or Folly:
How foolish is it for us to continue to believe and do the same thing - even when we have not had the "proper fruits" or results promised by the Lord in His Word ?

If we have not had success with what we have done in the past - or the way we have done it,
then why would we think that we will have different results this time. "As a dog returns to his vomit, so (does) a fool return to his folly." [Prov:26:11]

Yet, despite the foolishness of such actions, I have seen so many dear brothers and sisters continue to embrace some spiritual sounding doctrine that has never produced the results they desperately need - even when the Scriptural Truth is told to them.

These individuals fall into the category that Jesus was referring to when He said that they reject the Word of God and instead hold on to their religious tradition or ideas.

We need to be very careful and make sure that when we 'hear from the Lord' that it really IS the Lord - and not a deceiving spirit.

You see, even though some things might 'sound' spiritual - unless we are careful we can be deceived into believing something that is NOT true! And worse, once we believe a lie - it is only natural that we then will ACT on it.

If what we 'hear' is contrary to the Word of God - then we are NOT to act on it. It is a lie of the devil that is attempting to draw us away from the truth.

So, if we carefully examine the thought behind withdrawing from the 'assembling together' for the sake of gaining 'quiet time alone with God' - it becomes evident that what we are really saying is this: "Even though the scriptures clearly state that we are NOT to forsake the assembling together' God will still remove us from the corporate anointing that comes from gathering together & fellowship."

In other words - The deception is that He will remove us from the very thing that He designed to help us gain understanding and revelation - and He will violate His own Word just to gain some 'quiet time with Him".

Brethren  one thing we can always be sure of: God never contradicts His word!

Sure He Does! But not at the expense of removing us from Church, Bible Study, Fellowship, or anything else that He has provided to help us, strengthen us, encourage us, exhort, or admonish us.

In other words - God wants BOTH
It is NEVER a choice of one or the other - nor will God require that we go against His Word in order to be able to spend some time with 'alone with Him'.

Unfortunately, if this deception were not as powerful and effective as it is on some - it would be hilarious because it is so transparently contrary to the Word of God!

You see, for the mature Christian, it is our responsibility to manage our time so as to be able to do both - to not only come together more and more - but also to spend time alone with the Father.

Baby Christians have trouble with this idea because it places this responsibility squarely on THEIR shoulders. It puts them in a position of exerting more effort than they may be used to. And it is only the baby Christian that is unwilling to manage their time in such a manner as to be able to do both.

n other words, they might have to get up earlier than normal so as to be able to get some 'alone time' with Him - AND - still come together MORE and MORE as the day approaches. 

They may have to turn off the Television or something similar - in other words - give up something - so as to be able to spend some time alone with Him - AND - still come together MORE and MORE as the day approaches.

But never - ever - will The Lord tell us to forsake the gathering together - nor will he tell us to do it 'LESS'. If you already ARE going to Church Regularly, if you already ARE attending a Bible Study, If you already are Fellowshipping, - - - His Word instructs us to do it MORE - not less! 

Because we need it. And as the days become more and more uncertain - the MORE we need it - not less!

What many do not understand is that this idea is a deception of the enemy who is intent on drawing them away from the very thing that they are so desperately in NEED of. 

And, it is highly probable that this is an old HABIT that these same people have developed when facing similar situations. It is the way they react when tests and trial come. That's why it is so easy for the enemy to draw them back into this old habit.

When tests and trials come - instead of obeying the Word regarding the steps they are to take in order to stand against and prevail over whatever test or trial they are facing - they revert to old HABITS and forsake the very thing they need. 

They fail to realize that God places the rest of the body, and especially the ministry gifts such as Pastors and teachers in the body to HELP them. 

• We are here to stand in faith with them 
• We are here to join up with them 
• We are here to HELP them fight off the attack.

And if they have been deceived into believing that they should withdraw from corporate study or fellowship - then it is inevitable that it won't be very long before they also:

• Read the Word Less and Less
• Pray Less and Less
• Attend Church Less and Less
• Fellowship Less and Less
• Etc.

The Results: 
The enemy has them right where he wants them. Alone! And not just alone - but deceived as well!

No Brothers and Sisters - We are commanded to make sure that we do NOT forsake the assembling together - and that we are to come together EVEN MORE as the day approaches.

There is a reason why the enemy is attempting this old trick - and it is probably because it has worked on you BEFORE

You see, he knows our HABITS - and he knows how we have responded in the past to this deception. Isn't it time to give him the boot and instead do what the Word says?

So next time the enemy tries to deceive you into thinking that you need to spend LESS time with your brothers and sisters, don't believe it!

The next time he tries to deceive you into believing that you need to cut back on your Church time or Bible Study attendance, don't believe it!

Instead - do what the Word of God instructs us to do - find ways to spend MORE time with them! The Word promises results to those who not only HEAR the Word - but also DO it!

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