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Baptisms & Infillings of the Holy Ghost


Jesus Said: "You shall receive POWER FROM ON HIGH when the Holy Ghost is come upon you".
[Acts 1:8] - - Discover who to receive this 'power from on high' and how to unleash it into every situation as the power of the living God is brought forth by the Holy Ghost operating IN us and THRU us just as Jesus promised!


  Baptisms & Infillings of the Holy Ghost

One of the most controversial subjects of New Testament Scripture is the subject of the Baptism & Infilling of the Holy Spirit. But, Jesus stated implicitly that EVERY believer would receive POWER from on high WHEN the Holy Ghost 'comes upon' them [Acts 1:8].

This powerful 8 CD series will expose many of the myths and traditions that hinder the people of God from experiencing this awesome promise - And it will teach you how to actually unleash the power of Almighty God into every situation as you allow the promise of the Spirit to be manifested IN you and thru you.

This powerful 8 CD series uses Scriptures to teach us:

What is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and How YOU can Receive it
What exactly is "Tongues" and WHO is it for?
What is "Praying in the Spirit" and why is it VITAL to EVERY Believer
How to "Stir up" the Power of the Holy Ghost as Scriptures Instruct
How to pray with Supernatural POWER to get results EVERY time!

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: Free with your Donation of $49.00
This Series is so important that we are offering the entire 8 CD series as our gift to you free with your donation of only $49.00.  (a $100 Value)

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