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Loosing the Power of God into your Life


This incredible series has brought miracles into the lives of those who have applied the Biblical principals contained in it - and we believe that it will help you to discover more fully the supernatural power available to every believer as we speak and act in accordance with the instructions contained in the Word of God. There is no need to feel helpless or to live in defeat. Now you can loose the POWER OF GOD into your life and gain the victory over whatever has been troubling you.


  Loosing the Power of God! Discover How to Activate the Miracle Power of God in Your Life

Why aren't more people accessing the New Testament promises of health, healing, provision, and deliverance their lives? The answer is simple - and the Bible itself gives us the answer: "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, and because they have rejected knowledge..." [Hosea 4:6]

This exciting 13 part series uses Scripture to teach us how!

• Intro: The Awesome Power of the Name
• Pt 1: Activating the Promises Pt 1
• Pt 2: Activating the Promises Pt 2
• Pt 3: Things That Hinder the Promise Pt 1
• Pt 4: Things That Hinder the Promise Pt 2
• Pt 5: Recognizing When God Is Moving Pt 1
• Pt 6: Recognizing When God Is Moving Pt 2
• Pt 7: Lord - If It's Really You: Tell Me! Pt 1
• Pt 8: Lord - If It's Really You: Tell Me! Pt 2
• Pt 9: Trusting Him
• Pt 10: Loosing the Power
• Pt 11: Short-Circuiting the Power
• Pt 12: Resting In His Power

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