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Single Christian Teachings Available on CD:


These teachings are designed to give you insight and revelation into the promises of God for your life. These titles will fill you with hope and confidence in God to perform His word and teach you some of the 'deeper' things of God enabling you to walk in a level of faith and victory that brings forth the miracles and blessings that God has promised.


  Single Teachings on CD! Develop Your Faith - Increase Your Knowledge Of God.

THE IMPORTANCE OF SPIRIT-LED GIVING ~~ It is God’s POWER in our life that makes His SUPERNATURAL provision available to us - and it is the EXERCISING of our FAITH that enables us to ACCESS that provision. As we move in faith by following the leading of the Spirit, supernatural finances are made available. Get your copy of this powerful teaching today. 
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SOMETIMES FAITH ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH!  ~~ Give me a few minutes of your time let me SHOW you in the Word of God a principle of the Kingdom that many of God’s people have never realized is necessary for us to operate in when it comes to receiving certain things. Failing to understand this principle may be the REASON why you are having trouble obtaining certain promises. Free with your Donation of $12.00

What is Saved? What Does “Saved” Really Mean? So many of God's People are missing out on the numerous benefits that became theirs when they got ‘saved’ because they have no understanding of what became theirs when they received their salvation. This inspirational  teaching brings to light ALL of the benefits that come with our Salvation. This is a MUST Have CD! Free with your Donation of $12.00

God’s people are looking for changes in their lives. Changes such as healing, deliverance, provision or protection. Yet most have forgotten, or never learned that everything that God has for us BEGINS with His Word - And it is thru His word, and only by faith in His Word that the changes so desperately needed take place. This powerful teaching will show you how to obtain everything that God has promised us in the Scriptures.  Free with your Donation of $12.00

Millions of God’s people are looking for changes in their lives. Many are desperate for changes. They hope for change, they pray for change, they cry out for change. But no changes come. Things just keep on going the way they have and most have no idea why. This powerful teaching will help you to discover HOW to bring about the changes you desire.  Free with your Donation of $12.00

God has made some absolutely terrific promises to us, and it is thru these promised 'benefits' that we become partakers of the life that He has ordained for us - Yet the average Christian has little knowledge of these promises or how they manifest in our life. This lesson is designed to help you learn about those promises and how to see them manifest in their fullness in your life. Free with your Donation of $12.00

The Word of God instructs us to walk in the Spirit when facing various circumstances or situations. In order to accomplish this we have been given various tools called fruit of the spirit. Discover how YOU can walk in the victory that belongs to you as a child of God by using the tools given us by the Spirit to overcome anything that hinders the plan of God for our life. Free with your Donation of $12.00

No matter what you are facing, no matter how long that affliction, circumstance, or situation has plagued you; let me assure you that NO THING is too big, too hard, too powerful, or too difficult for God! All we need to is learn to trust and rely upon Him and the supernatural power that can turn any situation or circumstance around and bring the changes so many desperately need. Free with your Donation of $12.00

There are few words more harmful, dangerous ,or deadly to a Christian than the words: "I can't". It is in speaking those words, and similar phrases such as "there's no way", and "I don't see how", that hinders the ability of the Child of God to access the Supernatural power OF God to overcome impossible situations. This powerful message will teach you HOW to overcome the impossible: Free with your Donation of $12.00

God wants us to be filled with hope and to abound in hope. Yet most Christians have little hope and worse, little understanding of what BIBLE hope actually is! This powerful teaching examines the subject in detail and teaches how you can build your hope and use your hope in conjunction with your faith to bring forth miracles in your life!
Free with your Donation of $12.00

Most Christians approach God with a complete lack of confidence as to whether He will listen to them - much less actually answer! Yet, Scripture tell us that we are to come BOLDLY before the throne of God IN FULL ASSURANCE OF FAITH! That means that there is NO room of timidity in our relationship with our Heavenly Father - and no reason to be afraid, or lacking confidence. Free with your Donation of $12.00

If one were to actually take the Word of God, and believe it according to what it says - One can reach no other conclusion other than the fact that EVERY promise of God spoken regarding the New Testament church is still available - is still in effect - has not been revoked or cancelled - and can still be accessed by EVERY born-again child of God: TODAY!
Add this to your library: Free with your Donation of $12.00

It is imperative that we get it settled once and for all whether or not the information contained in the Bible is trustworthy. Until we do there will always be doubt and confusion - and we will never be able to step out in faith and obtain anything from God on a consistent basis. This powerful teaching demonstrates a basic principle taught by Jesus:
Free with your Donation of $12.00

I have great news for everyone who is facing what seems to be an impossible situation: Nothing is too difficult for God! As a matter of fact, He is just waiting for a chance to show how mighty He really is. "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" [Jer. 32:27] Discover how you can experience the mighty, unstoppable power of God in your life! Free with your Donation of $12.00

The biggest misconception that most Christians have is that either they do not have any faith - or that they do not have enough faith to get the results that they need. Consequently they are always asking God to give them more faith. Yet Jesus told us that even faith 'as small as a mustard seed' can accomplish the impossible! Discover how to use "Mustard Seed Faith" to move mountains! Free with your Donation of $12.00

Your faith can change your world! But no matter how great your faith is you must first release your faith if it is going to change whatever is affecting you negatively. God made you and I in His 'likeness' (just like Him) and He gave us the same ability to change things that He has by using the most powerful force in the known universe: WORDS spoken in FAITH! Free with your Donation of $12.00

The Bible teaches that the Lord has many names, yet there is one name that stands out above all others, and there is POWER and AUTHORITY that is manifested when THAT name is used! It is a name that is essentially unknown or ignored by most Christians! Discover what the BIBLE says the Name of the Lord is and how to use the power in that name to defeat the powers of darkness. Free with Donation of $12.00

Too often we are tempted to "put God in a box" and tell Him what we think is right, fair, and just, and then give Him our permission to bless those whom we think deserve it. Israel did the same thing and the Word of God tells us that in doing so they "limited" the power of God in their lives. [Psalm 78:41] But! Ephesians 3:20 assures us that He is able to do far above anything we can think or ask! Free with Donation of $12.00

Jeremiah 29:11 says that God's plans for us are for our good ~ To bless us ~ To provide for us ~ To give us hope and a prosperous future! This is a time for miracles and blessing!  This powerful message will teach you how to walk in the manifested blessing of God in every area of your life as you discover for yourself the promises of the New Covenant and how to access them by faith. Free with your Donation of $12.00

There is POWER in the Word of God! Power to heal ~ Power to deliver ~ Power to prosper ~ Power to change things! All we need do is to follow God's instructions and Put His Word on whatever situation needs changing and He has promised us in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word WILL do what He promised it will do! Learn how to use God's Word to bring miracles into your life, body and finances! Free with Donation of $12.00







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